The Digital Library

Hellinomnimon is a digital library which consists of all the philosophical and scientific manuscripts written in Greek from 1600 to 1821. The first phase of Hellinomnimon has been completed from September 1995 to September 1997.

This phase involved the process of digitizing all the books. The second phase involves the analogous processes for the manuscripts and is projected to be completed by 2002.

The totality of the philosophical and scientific corpus written in the Greek language from 1600 to 1821 consists of two large categories. The first category consists of the books which had been published in Vienna, Venice, Paris, Constantinople, and Leipzig. These comprise 204 volumes of 53,000 pages in total. The second category contains the manuscripts - those written by the respective authors or the copies of extant originals.

These make up a volume of over 500,000 pages. Among other places, these manuscripts are to be found in the various National and private libraries in Greece, France and Russia, in the Library of the Patriarchates in Istanbul, Jerusalem and Alexandria, in the Bodleian Library in Oxford, in various libraries of Turkey as well as in libraries of monasteries in Greece, Rumania, Bulgaria and Russia.